Monday, February 7, 2011

Gonna start grinding about 30 min before my lesson. Should help me get warmed up and focused.

I want to discuss a hand where i lost a big pot w/ vital myth, and make a few notes of what i feel i have been noticing at 25NL

Every one seems to be 3 betting very lite, and no one seems to be folding very much to 3 bets. I am going to employ a strategy of three betting wider for value, and seldom as a bluff. In addition, I am going to be opening much tighter than I normally would because I do not want to be 3 bet folding.

The 25NL pool seems like all the players lean toward super cally or super spazzy. Vs the spazzier people i intend to play a more pot controlly game, and vs the more cally people I intend to play more for thin value.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Got a new HEM HUD setup and it looks really tight. Working again at getting better at micro stakes rush poker. So far there is no doubt that if i creatively value bet and steal tiny pots (like 3-5bb pots) it should be really +ev. My big bluffs are never working. I think before running any big bluffs i need very individualized reads to make it happen.

I'm sitting on my couch and i listening to comedy. I'm in good spirits and ready to really play a concentrated 10NL session.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

First session this weekend

Had a very relaxing and good weekend. Talked w/ my girlfriend who i love very much on the phone quite a bit, and partied w/ my Ecuadorian friends down town.

My life feels well in balance. I studied today, cooked for the week, feel caught up on all my work, and feel very well rested. I think i am mentally in a place where I will be able to put in a solid session today.

Read a good post today my Janda.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starting anew

Here is the first post of what will be my poker journal.

Started the day out feeling motivated and good about poker. I played a good session today, w/ a lot of lite 3 betting in pos vs MP and LP openers. This has been very successful.

Here I like my small turn bet. I keep in hands like AT KT JT 9T and 99.
I think my turn call is marginal at best. he is certainly doing it for value and never doing it w/ JT or 9T. He at worst probably has AT or KT or a bluff.

My river call is the most abysmally bad thing I could do. When I call turn I am repping that I have a very strong top pair at worst. I highly doubt villain is bluffing me here on river and I only beat a bluff. Time to fold river.

Any way, I am going to finish laundry, clean my kitchen, and watch a calculus video before bed. If i get all that done I think i'll put in another 20-30 min session before grinding calc all day tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

recap of the month.

I've had a pretty crappy month, but am up about 1K total on the month. I prefer to make a minimum of 2K-3K excluding rakeback/ bonus, but I ran/played very poorly I think. I just finishd my coaching deal with vital myth, so now all my profit is mine to keep. I want to get some sweat sesssions with some other CR members going on that play 100 and 200NL. I think I could stand to learn a few things still.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The most +ev poker in the world

I finally found a girl I am attracted to and it is the most +EV thing that has happened to me in a while. She deals cards at a casino, so it is perfect for me. I get to make money and talk with her all at once.

Talk about +EV. I am going back to the casino once again today because it is so plus EV. Fish plus a beautiful women = major bank. I love it. Not to mention I skooled some fish last night for like 300BB ship it. It kina sucked though cause when she was dealing I lost like 40-50$ so I didn't get to impress her with taking down a monster pot and then making a very -EV tip(I literally think I would have tipped her like 15$ or something stupid like that). As it stands I tipped the dealer a dollar. I think it was a fat a dollar is enough I think. I also tipped the cocktail waitress a few times (I'm so nice)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Changing sites

Yeah, coaching has been going very will with Vital Myth(Corwin Cole). I moved up to 200NL and won a bunch, and then got smacked down. Moved back to 100NL and then switched sites to play at aboslute.Their bonus/vip progaram seem very much worth my while, and even though the software totall sucks, it is very +ev to play there. I face stomp regs, and the short stack fish there. My results have not shown this as of they as I have been running exceptionally bad as of late and over the last 16K hands have been running at just over 1ptbb/100. Hopefully this can improve and I can get a BR of 10K and then play 200NL on absolute. Hopefully that goes well for me. I will try to update this more often. I am sure that since i stopped posting I have lost every reader I possibly could have had. LOL. Hopefully I can woo you back.